About Comfort at Home Senior & Family Care

Owner Bio:


Susie Oestringer, Owner

Susie has a very close relationship with her family and friends. Her passion for family values has grown into the development of a care business for seniors and other loved ones needing a little help. Our goal is to keep family members in their home as long as possible while enjoying the comforts of their surroundings and their personal belongings. It is proven that allowing seniors to stay in the comfort of their own home keeps them happier and healthy for a longer period of time. It is important to give our seniors and family members that feeling of being independent while their family has the comfort that they are safe and have an option.

Susie worked for over 20 years as an Operations Manager for a nation-wide financial institution. While this was great to learn all about the operations of a business, her desire is really to work with members of the community on a more personal level. Susie has been very involved in the community by serving as a Board Member of Chakota Therapeutic Riding Center in Germantown, Illinois and an active member of the New Baden Lions Club. Susie also helps with other local charitiable groups and organizations on a routine basis.

Susie and her husband, Bob, have four children and four grandchildren (so far). Their children and grandchildren love to help with their community work, making Susie and Bob very happy to see these values in the next generation of the family.


Our Team:


Jessica Damm, Coordinator

Jessica works for Comfort at Home as a part-time Coordinator. Jessica has a close relationship with her grandparents and overall great family values. She looks after her grandparents on a regular basis giving her the desire to do this on a larger scale to help in the community. Jessica has two children and also helps with multiple charitable groups and assisting with fundraisers.


Caregivers – We hire the best caregivers with similar family values to care for our clients. Our caregivers are local residents that have gone through extensive background checks. Our caregivers are provided training as well as being insured and bonded.